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Máy in date cho thùng carton


U2 inkjet printer with HP ink technology, providing customers the trusted device. We don"t need to wash headprint, don"t need  solution to clean, don"t need more time to control inkjet...

U2 inkjet printer has some special function such as:

  • Zero Maintenance
  • Green
  • Clean

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  • Introduction
  • Specification
  • Photos construction
  •  LCD 2.8”
  • IR remote control keyboard with small size
  • Resolution up to 300DPI with good ink quality
  • Print by character and number , logo, date, time, manufacture date,expiry date, shift code, scount number, barcode...
  • 1-4 lines
  • Chacracter height: 2.7mm, 3.6mm, 5.5mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12.7mm
  • Speed: 76m/phút
  • Storeage up 999 messages SD memory card
  • Machine dimension: (height x width x length): 114 x 76 x 60mm
  • Weight: 0.49kg (excluding  cartridges and shelf )
  • Printing with 09 languages: Vienamese, English, Chinese, Japanese, French, Germany, Spanish,Portuguese , Rusian...
  • Simple and weightlight design, 4 in 1: remote control, LCD, headprint, cartridges..
  • Power supply: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 1.6A, maximum power consumption: 60W
  • Operating temperature: 5 – 40oC